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{future: love, sex & connection}


This year many things went virtual and so did Burning Man, spreading across 8 virtual universes! {CYBER DREAMS} is Raspberry Dream Labs’ thematic camp located in BRCvr (Black Rock City VR) - a fully realized virtual recreation of Black Rock City brought to the computer screens and VR headsets! Our camp was set in the post-apocalyptic future where humans have merged with technology and are now revitalising Earth with innovative technologies. We harvest sexual energy from the dreams and use it to power our intergalactic cross-species circuits. {CYBER DREAMS} not only celebrates sexuality of all forms and types but also unites art, technology and sustainability, as, in our vision of the cybersex future, there is no separation between these.

We threw one of the most ambitious lineups throughout the entire Burning Man Multiverse featuring a 1-week non-stop event! Featuring DJs live-streamed from real life into VR, artist galleries, sculpture park, film & performances screening, and public speaking events. We celebrated the opening night with a hybrid event that was running in both dimensions at the same time, in our studio space in London and in the {CYBER DREAMS} camp.

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cyber dreams
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Samantha Togni, MÉTARAPH, RCKT, ØTTA, P RISCO, COSMiC CAZ , OLHA, Simao Ferreira, Thousand Fingers, Mz Lopez, DEMAIN KOLLECTIV, Hidden Element, Oliv3r, DJ Lido, Emma Yasumi, UOKHUN?, Chemical Adam, Vanessa Kokeshi, Gorilla Man, MartinS, Xavier Fux, SO81 aka Shock Osugi, Marion Breeze, Torture And The Desert Spiders, DARQ, Genese Trepas, XIIK, Die Arkitekt, Jenny Hazan, Boca Roxa, TARA, SKIY, Tafkanik, Voicedrone, Celeste, Wonkanhof, Gigabitch, QURL.


Performing & Visual Artists Video Screening:

Moon Vision, Howie Kim, AMIANGELIKA, Paulin Rogues, sheepairsupport, Catherine Rose Lavender, Jack Siren, Wesley Manners, Briony Maeve, Alice Maisetti, AORTA films, Jamie Reibl, RAY LC, Onionlab, Portrait XO, L!MA G0RE, eYe Ex Machina, DemiGosh, MI.DoT, Chemical Adam, Benjamin Giubarelli, CLON, Laura Coppin, DUDX, Erika Lust, Erik Ferguson, Yiling Zhao, SSTR, Sweat, Melanie Fismer, Lena Chen, Mike Neumann, Keiken, Cat Giles, State On Demand, Marco Tullio Siviglia, Sladká, Dopiliensi Nadi, Curatrix.}


Art Gallery:

Jason Ebeyer, Ryan Burke, Nicole Ruggiero, Alex Leyva, Yiling Zhao, Paulin Rogues, Serg Nehaev, LUAP, Touchy-Feely, Lucy Briscoe Rimmer, anthr0morph, Valdas NeuroVirtual, Selma Eduarda Pereira, Oskar Krajewski, Var, Lisa Padilla, Thomas Harrington Rawle, Trippyogi, Oliver Gingrich, Kimatica Studio.



Rich Lee, Cathline Smoos, Trudy Barber, Angelina Aleksandrovich, Alex Cleator, Edward, Ari Peralta, Adam John Williams, Kim Judge, Ayesha Hussain, Shahina Jaffer, Joséphine Boris, Bryony Cole.





Angelina Aleksandrovich

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