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Who We Are

Sitting at the intersection of art, academia, and business, Raspberry Dream Labs tackles one of the most intricate subjects of being human - sex . Founded by Angelina Aleksandrovich, we are a team of artists and engineers drawn together to create innovative multi-sensory solutions for cybersex.


Our focus is to investigate the potential of humans' multi-sensory capacity and improve the relationship people have with their own sexuality, themselves, and others. Sexual well-being is not to be ashamed of, but an essential part of everyone’s life. We’re setting out to break the taboos concerning sexuality and create a healthy sex-positive future by introducing a new era of sexual experiences that are no longer restricted by the limitations of the human body.

Producing oxytocin and endorphins, lust and lull, hopeful heartbeats and nervous fluttering —

we are forging the path towards happiness.


As seen in:

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We don't believe in 9 to 5 office culture, thus our "office" is remote and virtual and is "open" whenever work needs to be done. While we are spread around the world, the majority of us are based in London, UK. For all enquiries, you can reach us at

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