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Sensory Seduction is an on-going artistic R&D project exploring the nature of multi-sensory sexual arousal and how it can be shared between multiple individuals in Extended Reality (XR). All natural events in life are usually multi-sensory and sex is not an exception. It is a combination of what one sees, hears, smells and feels that makes us sexually aroused. Our research investigates what these conditions may be. Designed not to make You orgasm, but to give You opportunity to explore Your sensuality and engage Your sexual accelerators through the sensory stimulation.

Between 02.09 - 08.09 we conducted our first Immersive Study. The pilot was designed to gain evidence that sexual arousal is a multi-sensory event and asked two questions:
1. What type of virtual multisensory environment can be arousing?
2. Can it be arousing by itself or in the presence of the desired human?

We invited participants to attend experience either individually or with a partner. Upon arrival, participants were given VR headset and pieces of haptic and olfactory technology which they were asked to wear. Participants who arrived as a couple were meant to choose roles between the “Giver” and “Receiver”. The difference between both was that the latter were wearing devices that extended their sensations of touch and smell. 


During the experience, participants explored 3 different virtual multi-sensory environments (VMSE) where we introduced various sensory cues relating to different arousal types to investigate what demo- and psychographics resonate with them. We approached content creation intending to challenge socially-induced stereotypes and literal representations introducing concepts of "abstract sexuality" and virtual intimacy. When the last VSME ended participants were asked to fill in self-report forms. We allowed 25 min per session including greeting, briefing, experience, and self-reporting. Answers were analyzed to draw conclusions out of the study and were submitted to Paladyn Journal of Behavioral Robotics. The paper will be available for download once accepted by the journal.

We are currently working on the case study video documenting the process - stay tuned!

want to know more ?

If you like to hear more about the research directly from the investigator, you can do so at the 1st edition of UNCENSORED talks on 24.10. During this event, our investigator, Angelina, is going to present the methodology and findings behind the study.

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